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Leading Organizations to Maximize Economic Output and Conservation


Business Development and Consulting Change Agent with over 10 years of experience demonstrating benefits of increased financial sustainability across numerous industries; strengthens company’s image and prepares for the future by utilizing an environmentally conscious outlook. Comfortable communicating and working with C-Level Executives, Politicians, management, peers, vendors, staff and clients. 


  • Sustainability

  • Real Estate

  • Political Consulting

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Sustainability Initiatives

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Statewide Campaigning

  • Waste Reduction

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • Energy Portfolio

  • Sustainability Strategies

  • Grassroots Organization

  • Triple Bottom Line

  • Problem Solving

  • Team Leader

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting

  • Microsoft Office

  • Organizational Development

  • Project Management & Development

  • Green Energy

  • Operations Management

  • Client/Vendor Relations

  • United Nations



If you have any questions please contact me either through the website or directly at kcspector@gmail.com
All services are fully customizable for the client.