Kristopher Spector





Leading Organizations to Maximize Economic Output and Conservation

Business Development and Consulting Change Agent with 8+ years of experience demonstrating benefits of increased financial sustainability across numerous industries; strengthens company’s image and prepares for the future by utilizing an environmentally conscious outlook. Comfortable communicating and working with C-Level Executives, Politicians, management, peers, vendors, staff and clients.



  • Sustainability​

  • Political Consulting

  • Real Estate 

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Sustainability Initiatives

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Statewide Campaigning

  • Waste Reduction

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • Energy Portfolio

  • Sustainability Strategies

  • Grassroots Organization

  • Triple Bottom Line

  • Problem Solving

  • Team Leader

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting

  • Microsoft Office

  • Organizational Development

  • Project Management & Development

  • Green Energy

  • Operations Management

  • Client/Vendor Relations

  • United Nations



GRI Sustainability Assessment Certified



Executive Masters in Sustainable Leadership

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


Bachelor of Science – Sustainability – Energy, Materials, Technologies

 With Minor in Political Science

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ




SPECTOR CONSULTING, Scottsdale, AZ                                                            2012 – Present

Consulting firm that provides clients with sustainable solutions for cutting costs and reducing environmental footprint



  •  Specializing in improving vendor relations, client relations, business development, internal communications, leadership processes and procedures.

  •  Interacts daily with clients, vendors, staff and associates to resolve old issues, improve on existing situations and proactively avoid new problems from arising.

  •  Saved $750K for one client in less than eight months.

  •  Developed the first of its kind vendor – client partnership with the largest food distributor in the USA that allows for maximize profit while creating transparency at all levels.

  • Developed a restaurant to use 80% less energy than a conventional restaurant uses.

  • Created a partnership between my client and the United Nations, which includes United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Global Marketplace and the United Nations Business Partnership.  

  • Sitting on the Sustainability Board of China Mist Ice Tea Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Created 10-year business plan to expand business by 80%. 



Scott Smith for Governor, Phoenix, AZ                                                                       2014-2014

Republican candidate who ran for Governor of Arizona

Statewide Field Director

  • Worked directly with Legislators, Mayors and City leaders across Arizona, resulting in a broad coalition of support.

  • In charge of growing grassroots support in all fifteen counties.

  • Traveled daily with the candidate across Arizona directly assisting him at meetings, forums and events.

  • Communicated on behalf of the candidate with elected officials and business leaders.

  • Lead a team of more than 100 people across the State of Arizona 


WASTE MANAGEMENT SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES, Tempe, AZ                                 2012 – 2012


Environmental Project Manager

  • Designed road map to turn Arizona State University into the first “Zero Waste” University in the world.

  • Operated as liaison between Waste Management and ASU to create the first of its kind roadmap.

  • Worked side-by-side with Director of Sustainability at ASU and met with Executives from both parties.

  • Managed 50+ projects and 50+ people on daily basis.


L’AUBERGE DE SEDONA, Sedona, AZ                                                                       2009 – 2011

Luxury resort with five star restaurants and commercial real estate 


Director of Sustainability

  • Effectively made the resort and multiple restaurants more sustainable by cutting costs and improving efficiency

  • Made daily phone calls to vendors, reported status of ongoing projects to ownership and had daily responsibility for 50+ reports from every area of the resort.

  • Cut energy usage by 30%+ in one year, saved $500K+ in contracts and helped the resort become a green seal certified resort.

  • Worked directly with the commercial real estate properties to help the tenants become more sustianable and help design programs to save money. 


CERTIVOX, London, UK                                                                                               2011 – 2011


Sustainability Consultant

  • Developed a sustainable business plan to expand business into energy companies around the world.

  • Successfully developed sustainable business plans to allow CertiVox to cut operations costs and streamline daily processes.

  • Interacted with staff and clients to improve daily processes and procedures to increase the overall efficiency of the company.



CITY OF SEDONA SUSTAINABILITY COMMISSION, Sedona, AZ                                 2011 – 2011


Sustainability Commissioner

  • Spearheaded development of green building and green energy codes for Sedona while on the commission.

  • Analyzed other cities green building and green energy codes as the foundation for Sedona’s guidelines.

  • Gave the citizens and businesses the ability to build and renovate their properties according to an environmentally conscience alternative.



Statewide Field Director for a Governor Campaign; joined in March of 2014 and immediately was put in charge of working directly with Legislators and elected officials from all fifteen counties to rally support. I traveled the state establishing teams and volunteers that would help get out the vote and spread the candidates’ message. Daily I would be with the candidate to assist him at every event and ensure everything was running efficiently. IMPACT: The candidate finished in 2nd with roughly 120,000 votes while being out spent 10-1.


Project Managed zero waste road map for a large university; the university set a goal of zero waste by 2015 and brought in an independent company to help achieve that goal. Met with the director of sustainability at the university and worked hand in hand for nine months, visiting each department and investigating possible issues and solutions. We created a snap shot of current recycling status, formed an action plan composed of 50 projects to pick up the remaining waste, assigned leaders in each department and presented roadmap to wait on capital funding and acceptance. IMPACT: The plan is in waiting.


Reduced costs in order to assist a business with poor cash flow management; the organization grew from $3M in annual sales to $25M, yet was spending more than bringing in. In a consultant capacity, reviewed every contract and vendor relationship, visited each office to view the policies and procedures, did one-on-one meetings with the head of each vendor, explaining the issue of money loss. Asked to work together to reduce the cost or I would use competitors and worked with all satellite offices to provide consistent handling throughout the organization. IMPACT: In an eight-month period, the company saved $500K.


Turned one of the top resorts in the country into a green seal certified resort; the select clientele were frequenting organizations that used green hospitability practices and the potential of lost future business was an issue. Took over role as director of sustainability, performed audit with local utility company, researched to determine what advantages and tax credits were available for alternative products, implemented all changes that made sense and applied for green seal certification. IMPACT: Achieved certification, costs dropped significantly, the hotel became more attractive to clientele and profits increased 15% the first year and 10% the following year.


Wrote green energy building codes for the city of Sedona; the city needed to increase the exposure to green technology and tax credits. I was brought in as commissioner on sustainability for the city commission, researched several nearby successful large cities that had recently changed to environmentally friendly technology, reviewed all changes and identified ones that could be copied, ones that could be mirrored with adjustments and ones that were not appropriate. Met with head of construction and engineering and converted everything that was possible. IMPACT: After six months of making the conversions, it was complete and the residents now have the option to build and operate according to green codes.



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